• 1.5 Litre Chery Automotive Gas Engine


1.5 Litre Chery Automotive Gas Engine

Miller cycle, TGDI, TMM, VGT

iTMS 4.0

Basic Data

technical parameter

  • Displacement (L)


  • Bore x Stroke (mm)

    74.5 x 85.94

  • Compression Ratio


  • Max. Net Power /Speed (kW/rpm)


  • Max. Net Torque /Speed (Nm/rpm)

    270/2000 – 3500

  • Specific Power (kW/L)


  • Dimension (mm)


  • Weight (kg)


  • Emission


External characteristic curve

Product features


Key Technologies

Miller Cycle, VGT Supercharger, 350bar Direct Injection System, External Water Cooling, OCV Central, Split Cooling, Ball Valve Thermostat.


Extreme Performance

The engine is with extreme fuel consumption, market leading power and NVH performance; While ensuring the ultimate fuel consumption, it achieves a perfect balance with power and NVH.


Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Meet the emission requirements of National VI B+RDE, with a thermal efficiency of 40%, and can realize the expansion of 48V and PHEV.


Reliability and Durability

The test development and verification are sufficient, covering the development test of system components, the function of the whole Eengine, the reliability and durability test of the whole engine, and the user simulation test of the whole vehicle in high temperature plateau and extremely cold environment.



Chery's G4J15 engine is a 1.5L inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a Max net power of 125kW and a maximum net torque of 270N. The overall weight is only 108kg. As the fourth-generation hybrid engine developed by Chery, it adopts iTMS 4.0 intelligent combustion system, ultimate friction reduction and high-efficiency turbocharging, and in-cylinder direct injection technology, with a thermal efficiency of 40% , at the industry-leading level. This engine will be installed on the main models such as Tiggo 7 and Jetour model car.



ACTECO engines use technologies such as variable intake and exhaust camshaft valve timing (VVT2), controlled combustion rate (CBR), exhaust gas turbocharged intercooling (TCI), gasoline direct injection (DGI), and diesel high pressure common rail direct injection, which make ACTECO engines outstanding for energy conservation and environmental protection.



In terms of engine structure design, ACTECO engine fully optimized the intake combustion system, engine cylinder, combustion chamber, piston, crankshaft connecting rod and other parts of the structural design, so that the operation of combustion is very full, at the same time the internal stress and friction loss is small, thus improving fuel economy. And to achieve the features of low fuel consumption under the strong power and strong torque output under low speed.

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