• 1500cc Dedicated Hybrid Engine for Vehicle


1500cc Dedicated Hybrid Engine for Vehicle

Dedicated Hybrid Engine, Atkinson cycle,

Intercooling EGR, iTMS 4.0

Basic Data

technical parameter

  • Displacement (L)


  • Bore x Stroke (mm)

    74.5 x 85.94

  • Compression Ratio


  • Max. Net Power /Speed (kW/rpm)


  • Max. Net Torque /Speed (Nm/rpm)


  • Specific Power (kW/L)


  • Dimension (mm)


  • Weight (kg)


  • Emission


External characteristic curve

Product features


Key Technologies

Atkinson Cycle, Chery Intelligent Efficient Combustion System IHEC 4.0, 110mj High-Energy Ignition System, Cylinder Head Integrated Exhaust Manifold IEM, Central OCV Intelligent DVVT, Electronic Main Water Pump, EGR With Low-Pressure Cooling, Extreme Friction Reduction And Other Key Technologies.


Extreme Performance

Whole Aluminum Alloy Cylinder, Extreme Topology Lightweight Design.


Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Meet the National VI B+RDE emission requirements, 40% high thermal efficiency, extreme fuel consumption performance.


Reliability and Durability

The engine is reliable and durable, and can adapt to the international market environment of Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, central and South America, with a wide range of application scenarios and strong adaptability.



The G4G15B engine is the fourth-generation hybrid engine developed by Chery. It adopts i-HEC 4.0 intelligent combustion system, low-pressure cooling EGR technology, and extreme friction reduction technology. It reached 40%, which is at the leading level in the industry.



ACTECO engine is the first engine brand in China that is completely independent from design, research and development to production and manufacturing. ACTECO has completely independent intellectual property rights. In the process of design and R & D, ACTECO widely absorbed a large number of contemporary most advanced internal combustion engine technologies. Its technical integration is in the leading position in the world, and its main technical indicators such as power, fuel consumption and emissions have reached the world-class level, and it is the first to develop and manufacture high-performance self-branded engines.

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